An Ode To Life

There came a day when the worst thing that’s ever happened to me
Talk about a wake up call
I began to be able to use the advice I’d been offering to others,
For myself.

I tried to utilise perspective and put things into context
I was able to realise that I had to move on from the past
It’s gone.
I can’t change it
I had to decide between making the best of what I’d been dealt,
Or oblivion.
I realised that some would be hurt and they would think even less of me.

I struggled to turn negatives into positives
I have to make the best of each moment,
Every day
And fight for everything.

You have to stay strong,
Stay angry,
Stay happy,
Keep smiling,
Keep crying,
Keep screaming and keep laughing!
Never lose your emotions,
Use them for your own benefit
You have them for a reason: To cope!
You can
Just try to find you
Be you and be the best that you can be!
Decide that you want to be happy and, then,
Just be happy!
It’s not a pretence.
It’s real!

Honour everyone’s memory,
But make a great life for yourself,
So that others will honour yours!
That’s the secret
For me x

Davy Craig – June 2015


2 thoughts on “AN ODE TO LIFE

  1. Thanks Vanessa. I try to follow my own advice. It’s not easy, but I’m getting there. I know that this has helped a few people and that’s the most important thing, to me 🙂 x


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