I Will Write!

I haven’t written anything here, since the beginning of this year, partially because of writing things that I’m holding onto, but mostly because I haven’t been coping very well.


There’ve been some horrible things happened, the worst being the death of my girlfriend’s mam and the unbelievable fallout that’s occurred since her sudden, untimely death.  I’m constantly shocked at how despicable some people actually are and it really takes a chunk out of me.


I had a car crash the following day, as well, where some idiotic, selfish twat, smashed into the back of me.  Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt, but the car was written off and Sara and I have both had quite bad whiplash, since, with me also having quite severe pain in my left knee, down the fibula  and into my foot, which is getting worse as time goes on.  I’ve had physio, but it’s not good and they discharged me, saying that they were concerned that the treatment was making it worse!  I’m now waiting for a different type of physio and hope that my referral to the Pain Management Clinic, for my back, will help.  Sara’s had depression, as well, after what happened to her mam and it’s not been helped by her old boss, who turned out to be an evil, vindictive bitch, who turned on Sara, wrongly believing that she’d reported the practice to the  CQC.  Someone else did it, anonymously and haven’t had the guts to come forward when Sara’s been treated appallingly.  I’m going to take action, myself, but at least Sara’s now settling into a new and better job.


I’ve not been much help to her, as I haven’t coped well, myself, but at least we’re here for each other.


I didn’t take the whole ridiculous Brexit vote very well and have, subsequently, cut myself off from politics, in many ways, because the world is stressing me out, again and again.  I also cut myself off from a number of people, most of whom will not be missed.  I’m not going to explain much more of what’s happened, because, if I do, it’ll give the game away and spoil my story, if you ever come to read it.  If I get it written, that is!


Some good things have happened, though, such as Phebie, Sara’s daughter, getting into her first choice of university.  She’ll be a big miss, but I’m sure she’ll have a fabulous time and will grow as a person.  She’s already made massive inroads in her life and has turned out to be a lovely young lass.  My boys have also got a new dog, called Eddie.  He stays at my ex’s house, but I’m going to nip round each day to let him out into the garden for a short time, as well as going on walks with him and the boys, in my wheelchair.  Eddie’s a Bedapoo: a cross between a Bedlington Terrier and a Toy Poodle.  He’s a fluffy, black bundle of fun and we all love him to bits.  The lads couldn’t have a dog in the past, because we’re all allergic to dogs, but Eddie’s one of these cross breeds that are specifically for such people.  It’s just a shame that Walter, their granda’, isn’t around to see him.  He’d have loved him!


I’m hoping to write more stories about myself and, eventually get them put together in a book.  I’ve had the idea of how to put them all together, for a while now, but it’s not easy to sit and write about some bad times.  I’ll get it done.  I’m sure it’ll make me feel better about myself, when I do finish.


I’ve also got a few other ideas that I’ve been working on:  A few stories about a fairy, called Bilfred and his friends, that just came to me; a tale about a spider; a novel about a local figure from Victorian times; and more stories about myself, in a collection called “The Perils Of…”, a handful of which are on here.


One last thing that’s happening is that I’m going to be followed and filmed watching Newcastle United, throughout this season.  That should be interesting, so keep an eye out for that.


Well, that’s most of what’s been happening.  Couldn’t sleep, so decided to get a few things off my chest and onto here.  I’ll try and keep updating when I think on!  Bye for now xx


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