I’m afraid of growing old

I’m afraid of being cold

I’m afraid of not seeing my children

And of what tomorrow may hold.


I’m afraid of brown envelopes

I’m afraid of what’s inside

I’m afraid of becoming poor

And of not being able to provide.


I’m not afraid of the dark

But I’m afraid of what I can’t see

I’m afraid of meeting new people

And of bumping into thine and thee.


I’m afraid of any change

I’m afraid things will stay as they are

I’m afraid of having to stay in

And of ever going afar.


I’m afraid of not being able to help you

I’m afraid of not knowing what to say

I’m afraid of going to sleep

And of the dreams I have when I may.


I’m afraid of being in pain

I’m afraid that it’s all been in vain

I’m afraid of dying first

And of leaving her alone and afraid.


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