Another one over!

My head reels and spins, faster than the earth itself

It possesses no orbit and no continental shelf

I’m trying to comprehend what’s going on in the world

To me it’s as unfathomable as the mind of a girl.


A demagogue waits and purrs, like a cat with all of the cream

As we wonder how it’s happened, a real answer we can’t glean

While history is grabbed by it’s coat tails, so grubby

By dishonest men, the sordid and cruddy


Who tell us that cockroaches will swarm to our shores

To take away our freedom and to settle old scores

Dehumanised waste, we should chuck in the bin

Without a second thought, then collect our wages of sin.


Money still flies around, though far too high for the many

As food banks welcome more of the sick and the needy

Then we watch as a dying city sends it’s last tweet

But do nothing to help, as we find the receipts


For the bombs and the missiles, more important than beds

Oh what was I saying? I’m losing my thread

Too many have gone, but we shall remember

As we pick up the pieces of these long dying embers.


I wish you all the best and good tidings to all

I hope you stay safe, not to stumble and fall

It’s the end of another, but they’re always the same

We never seem to learn and we’ve no one else to blame.


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